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Dr. Niki is a fresh but very active and engaging YouTuber who as you can see is posting his videos almost every single day!

His channel is about growing your Instagram account, Social Media, Marketing and in general all E-commerce tips and tricks. If you check his community tab you can see that the audience is very interactive and engage in every single post which is a good signal.

The channel is growing every single day and I believe that the numbers will just go up. If you have any business or product related to social media or marketing, Dr Niki will mention you or your brand in one of his videos.

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Are you ready to see hundreds of viewers hear about you or your product?
Dr Niki has only high retention viewers and all of them are interested only in Marketing/E-commerce related stuff, so you can be sure you will get laser targeted audience for a reasonable price!

He will be talking about you or your product in the middle of the video for 20 seconds!

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