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As you can see Fitness Eagles is about fitness. Owner of this channel will let you upload your music on his channel, but I wouldn't recommend that because the best results you will get with fitness videos or brand/service about fitness, training and other sports activities in this category.

Channel has 55 000 subscribers and it's still growing! What can be better if you reach all 55 000 people for just a few bucks? 

Are you a trainer. or talking about diet? This is a cheap option for you! I would recommend to upload a video or advertisement with good music in the background and title so it will catch the eye.

TIP: Check analytics below, and do the same, create a nice looking picture/video with workout music, choose a good title or similar to ones he has on the channel, then place your website, product or logo in the video and link below the video. 

There can be a chance, your video can rank very high and get tons of traffic! (see analytics)

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Upload your video +link below

For this price you can create your own promotional video and Fitness Eagles will upload it on their channel. Don't forget you have a pretty high chance to get a lot of views (see my tip above)
+ you can add your link to your website below this video as a bonus

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