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TheFashionArchive is all about menswear, luxury, and avant-garde fashion so if you are selling clothes or your website is in this industry, this is the right opportunity for you.

Channel has more than 11 000 subscribers interested in a fashion, living their life in this way, so you can reach not just to customers but also potential business partners or fashion designers. 

As you can see below in analytics, most of the audience are Males, from the USA
in age 18- 24years.
Do you need to sell more products to young men? This is definitely the best choice for you.

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Our Packages

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Your link will be placed under new video temporarily for 30 days.
This way you can bring some traffic and improve your SEO on YouTube. 

Mention your YouTube Channel

TheFashionArchive will mention/recommend your channel in their video permanently +your link will be placed temporarily under their new video for 30 days.
In this way people will hear your channel name and look for it on youtube, this will brings your more viewers and improve SEO in a significant way because people will type your name into a search box.

Your brand in the video

Your brand/name will be mentioned or placed in the video, so people will hear or see your logo which will help you with branding and marketing for the long term. 


This is a special package, where the part or whole video will be dedicated only for your brand. Are you selling shoes? Or you started a new small company to sell super-friendly recyclable men t-shirts? Whatever it is - send it, tell us your requirements and we will do the rest! 

Thousands of young people will see, comment and like that!

Your video on MainPage

Did you start selling your products, but now you need to bring more awareness or grab attention so people will see whats your brand about?

Send us your commercial video where is your brand/website presented and it will be uploaded on their main youtube channel page for 30days! 
Forget other kinds of advertisement, here you don't pay per click, per impression or view, you pay the fixed price no matter how many people see your ad. 

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